Shari and Mike

We chartered with Seabbatical on one of the Leopards, having chartered with a few of the other companies in the past we always wanted to do a longer charter than the conventional 1 or 2 weeks time periods but could never afford the costs associated with a long term charter.

We came across Seabbatical’s website and were excited about the prospect of a 26 day charter and the price was less than we paid for our last 20 day charter with another company.


So we contacted Ron the owner and booked our vacation in Dec right through the holiday madness. Was great to avoiding all crazy times related to the holidays, which was a first for us. We found the boat ready and well presented in the BVI’s Manual Reef Marina. We were the first to arrive in our group and planned to stay at a hotel and get a early start on provisioning and other aspects of preparation to leave Tortola.

Having spoken to Ron 2 days before leaving he offered the boat to us early as it was not on charter and at the dock ready to go. We were most impressed with his offer and gladly accepted the extra 2 nights at the dock. We provisioned the boat with a car rental we pre arranged (dede’s car rental) Deadman the owner arranged to meet us at the airport even though we were on the last flight coming in from St Maarten at 11pm. It was great having our own car to provision a tour around the island while we waited for the other guests to arrive, we were even able to pick them up at the airport to their surprize.

The base Manager David and his wife Rebecca met us in the morning and we went through the boat, they arranged the cruising permits and did some last minute maintenance before we headed out. We had some normal marine issues one must expect to have with any boat, not to mention such a long time out sailing. David was on call and prompt to respond in dealing with them. We had a wonderful time sailing the BVI and got to see everything in a very relaxed pace as we had 26 perfect days to sail and explore. Seabbatical is a good company, well operated and we will be sailing with them again next year but we will charter for even longer next time around... as the site says “really you can't afford not to go!”

Thanks Ron, David and Rebecca for a wonder experience and are looking forward to our next sail with Seabbatical

Micheal Jaworski and Shari Chambers 

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