Luke & Staci

Now that Staci & I have completed our charter, we wanted to write and tell you how much we enjoyed our time in the BVI. It was a dream trip for us that we could only have afforded with the long-term rates you provide through Seabattical.

Although we had some issues with the boat, we feel like you had given us realistic expectations about what could potentially occur, given the age of the boat and the length of our charter. And when we did have a breakdown on the boat, it was usually dealt with quickly, minimizing the down time we experienced.


David George did a great job of responding to our calls and was very professional and personable. He's a real asset to your operation! We are already planning a return trip for next year around the same time, if you can find us a suitable boat and a reasonable price. Right now we are planning a trip of 6-8 weeks beginning about mid October again and would like to have a bit bigger catamaran this time.

We have been singing Seabattical's praises to all of our friends and associates and, hopefully, those that won't be joining us on our trip will consider chartering directly from you at another time.

We look forward to hearing back from you so that we can really start to plan our next Dream Vacation" with Seabattical! Best wishes, Luke & Staci Stevenson