St Maarten/St Martin

Bareboat Chartering in St Maarten/St Martin

francestmartin French: Saint-Martin  eu Euro (EU)
Official Language - French

22px-Flag of Sint Maarten Dutch: Sint Maarten SMX curSymbol402 Netherlands Antilles Guilder (ANG) 
Official Language - Dutch & English.

Bareboat chartering starting in St Maarten offers unique opportunities in Flights and provisioning your bareboat. The Dutch side of St Maarten has many large grocery stores from which you can provision your bareboat charter and you can also bring a cooler full of your favorite food on your flight into the airport without any permits or hassles you might get on other islands.

St Maarten is a well developed island with 3 main Caribbean cities, which still maintain the Caribbean charm even though they have large populations and shopping centers. St Maarten is also a duty free port so keep that in mind no matter where you are sailing if you get the chance to stop you should take advantage the discounts in provisioning and other shopping opportunities associated with duty free ports.

Sailing the waters around St Maarten are amazing with Anguilla, St Barts, in very close proximity. St Kitts, Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda offers some open water sailing adventure and shouldn't be missed. Sabbatical's Long Term Bareboat Charter Program is the best way to see these wonderful islands and actually have time to enjoy and discover each island's unique charm. Long Term Charters enable bareboat charters the ability to relax, explore and discover above and below the waters of every destination, while other charter boats are rushing around to keep a tight schedule Seabbatical extended charters offer longer rentals of our Charter boats so charters have time to experience each destination to the maximum and what life aboard a yacht is really like.

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    • Where to Check In :

      Yacht Clearing

      The Dutch Side
      All vessels arriving in or departing from St. Maarten waters must clear in and out with the Immigration Department. This can be done either in Great Bay or Simpson Bay.

      The French Side
      The procedure for clearing in and out is the same as for the Dutch side. The office is situated at the waterfront in Marigot Bay opposite Marina Fort Louis. The department is named DISSILEC, and is usually open every day from 0700 hrs to 1900 hrs. They do not monitor any VHF Ch.

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